About OnTrack WM

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Welcome to OnTrack WM

Your Gateway to Supply Chain Opportunities in the Rail Sector

Welcome to OnTrack WM. This pioneering 3D procurement tool has been designed to showcase the Black Country rail supply chain to professionals who commission, specify, engineer, build and operate rail and civil works facilities across the world.

Collectively, businesses in the Black Country are capable of providing many of the products, services or materials required for a modern rail contract. OnTrack WM has been designed to allow local suppliers to showcase their expertise and capability and rail/civil works buyers to submit opportunities and bring them to the attention of world class suppliers.

How does it work?

Feel free to explore OnTrack WM at your own pace. As you navigate the site, you can browse for high-quality suppliers by typing in keywords. Clicking on components in the virtual station will also bring up complete lists of relevant suppliers.

If you are an aspiring supplier to the rail sector you can search for new opportunities by viewing the Opportunities page and, once registered on the site, submit an expression of interest to the relevant buyer.

You can be a part of the groundbreaking OnTrack WM project by:
  • Signing up as a supplier of components, materials or services
  • Using OnTrack WMl to source materials, design specifications and high-quality suppliers within the Black Country sub-region.
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Who’s behind the OnTrack WM?

The Black Country Growth Hub along with the four Black Country local authorities have developed OnTrack WM to showcase the rail sector expertise here in the area and to allow registered suppliers to raise their profile and bid more effectively for rail related contracts.

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Why should I get involved?

For suppliers: registering on the OnTrack WM portal is an excellent way to make your business known to people in the rail sector who are interested in working with you. You can upload information about your capabilities and accreditations, showing the world what you can do.

For buyers: this is an exciting way to help you discover expertise in the rail sector. Sourcing goods and services from the Black Country could help you drive up efficiency standards, show best procurement practice and achieve sustainability in your projects.

For everyone this is a chance to be involved with procurement innovation! It’s also entirely free of charge.