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Multi-Stroke Limited

Metal manufacture for a wide range of industries – aerospace, automotive, cargo, construction, MOD & defence, leisure, nuclear,

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Tel: 0121 522 0230

Harris-Walton Lifting Gear Limited

Established in 1959, Harris Walton are one of the World’s largest manufacturers of British Standard Eyebolts (to BS4278) with the capabilities to manufacture and export a wide variety of customised lifting gear equipment, links, rings and drop forgings to both UK & overseas markets.

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Tel: 01384 74071


Components for coupling, breaking and suspension systems. Safety critical components such as drawhooks and coupling assemblies for rail industry

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Tel: 0121 556 1241

W H Tildesley Ltd

We are the closed die drop forging experts and one of the leading drop forged component manufacturers in UK. Our recent plant upgrade and expansion means we have the most modern forging facility in UK.

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Tel: 01902 366440

Universal Boltforgers Ltd

Universal Boltforgers (UBF) is a leading manufacturer and niche provider of bespoke, hot forged fasteners to end-user clients, contractors and distributors throughout the UK and overseas.

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Tel: 0121 522 5950

Victoria Drop Forgings Co Limited

Producers of Quality Drop and Press Forged parts, in ALUMINUM, BRASS and VARIOUS GRADES of STEEL. We manufacture forgings to give the optimum strength weight ratio thus considerably reducing cycle times when compared to machining from solid.

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Tel: 01902 605 141

BB Price

We are currently the principal manufacturer of galvanized forgings and presswork for the UK overhead line electricity and telegraphic industries with over 50 year's experience of supplying our extensive range of products.

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Tel: 0121 550 1018

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