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The Cubra Casting Company Limited

The company has evolved into an integrated supplier of cast products including brass and aluminium gravity die casting, sand castings, shell moulding, investment/lost wax in all copper-based alloy, nickel and silver.

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Tel: 0121 557 2321

Zincast Foundry Limited

Zincast have over 70 years' experience in manufacture of Die Castings from Zinc and Aluminium for a wide range of industries that include General Engineering, Automotive, Pneumatics & Hydraulics, Electronics, Domestic Products, The Building Industry and The Brewery Trade.

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Tel: 01902 606 226

Rical Group - Avon PDC

Quality die-casting - range of material finishes from cryogenic de-burr to high specification polish and plated components.

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Tel: 0121 681 1160

H & J Speake Ltd

With over 50 years experience in both Zinc and Aluminium pressure diecasting H & J Speake is committed to providing products and services to the highest standards.

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Tel: 01902 607188

AluCast Limited

Alucast Ltd has experience of supplying components for almost every industrial sector, using the three manufacturing methods of Sand, Gravity Die (Permanent Mould) and High Pressure Die Castings.

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Tel: 0121 556 6111

Newby Foundries Steel

Newby Foundries Steel is an established steel foundry in the West Midlands. We produce carbon, stainless, duplex and super duplex stainless steel castings using both the shell and airset moulding processes. Castings from 1kg to 750kg can be produced in a range of quantities from one offs to thousands.

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Tel: 0121 555 7615

Purbright Castings

As a specialist in Whiteheart Malleable, Grey Iron and Spheroidal Graphite  our priority is to provide customers with the right castings solution at the right time and place

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Tel: 01902 603898


Sime is a privately owned Company that has been established since 1974, producing high quality sand and gravity die castings and is a leading manufacturer of high quality precision aluminium castings, including pressure tight, safety critical and all manner of non-standard and intricate castings for every industry that uses cast components.

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Tel: 0121 502 5559

Micron Alloy Castings Ltd

Castings for the railway and transportation industry. Established in 1989, an independent, privately owned Steel Foundry, situated in the heart of the Black Country, Micron have been able to build upon a wealth of specialist experience in the manufacture of over 80 different Steel alloys.

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Tel: 01384 393247

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