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Rail Safety Solutions Ltd

One Stop Provider of - Track Warning Systems to allow safer and more productive track access, Collision Avoidance Systems, Safety Critical Labour, Magnetic Fencing and range of package works (de-veg, trial holes, access points, RRAPS, fencing, troughing etc)

  • Complete buildings/structures/units

Tel: 0121 366 8800

Dunton Environmental Ltd

Environmental and waste management Full On Site Enabling Packages Innovative remediation solutions Create engineered platforms, piling platforms etc. Full Hazardous Waste Management Hub site locations – Wolverhampton, Truro, Stansted, Gatwick Elimination of Landfill tax Zero to Landfill

  • Complete buildings/structures/units

Tel: 01213 564360

Wintech Limited

Wintech are independent facade engineering consultants. Wintech is unique in that across the Group it provides project-specific consultancy and systems design services together with façade testing and building testing services.

  • Complete buildings/structures/units

Tel: 01902 307430

Three Pines Building Co. Limited

Three Pines Building Co. Limited is a multi-skilled construction organisation operating offering services to a diverse range of clients throughout the UK. The company was established in Wolverhampton in 1961.

  • Complete buildings/structures/units

Tel: 01902 499 919

Shaylor Holdings Limited

Shaylor Group is a regional contractor with a national presence. As a family owned company with offices in the Midlands, London and the South West, Shaylor Group designs, constructs and maintains the built environment.

  • Complete buildings/structures/units

Tel: 01922 741570

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