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Category search is based on an industry standard breakdown of every element of rail infrastructure projects and enables suppliers to register and be found against categories relevant to their business.

NB - this is a multi-level structure and you can search for suppliers at the major category level e.g. ‘Rail Vehicle’ or at the next level e.g. ‘Vehicle Components and Systems’ or at the lowest level e.g. ‘Braking Systems’.
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Vehicle Components & Systems

Acoustics Systems, Air Ducts, Air Filter, Antifriction Bearings, Armature, Articulations, Axle Guard Side bearer Guides, Axle Guard Side bearer Liners, B Bearings, Bearing Housings, Bogie Pivot Centre Plates, Bogies, Brake Disks, Brake Linings, Braking Systems, Buffer, Capacitors, Car Bodies, Carbon Brushes, Carbon Strips, Cardan Shafts, Casing Systems, Cast Metal Wheels, Clevis Guides, Compressed Air Technology, Compressors, Connection Systems, Cooling Systems, Coupler Carriers, Couplers, Coupling Adaptors, Couplings, Exhaust Filtering Systems, Exhaust Silencer, Exterior Claddings, Exterior Parts, Fastening Systems, Flexible Shunt Assemblies, Friction Bearings, Friction Pads For Railway Vehicles, Front Fairings, Gangway Installations, Gaskets, Glazing Systems, Haunch, Air-Air & Flow Sections, Hoses, Impact Protection Modules, Integrated Subassemblies, Joint Rod Sockets, Lighting Systems, Locking Technology & Systems, Locks & Fittings, Passenger Counting Systems, Profiles For Lighting Sittings, Push / Pull Devices, Radar Technology, Radio Remote Control Systems, Rail Brakes, Rail Hydraulic Systems, Rail Tyres, Rescue Tools, Resistance Thermometers, Rocker Bearings, Sections, Self-Locking Nuts, Sensors, Shock Absorbers, Sooty Particle Filters, Special Sections For Rail Car Construction, Springs / Spring Systems, Storage Compartment, Subassembly Supports, Testing Systems, Thermocouples, Thrust Collars For Tramway Bogies, Tilting Technology, Valves, Vehicle Cabins, Ventilation Systems, Vibration Absorbers, Wheel Flange Lubrication Systems, Wheelsets, Window Systems, Wiring Systems


Air-Conditioning Systems, Anti-Pinch Systems, Cabin Air Ventilation / Climatisation, Detrainment Systems, Door Controls, Door Furniture, Door Opener Push Buttons, Door Systems, Driver Consoles, Emergency Systems, Fans For Railway Components, Fire Protection Isolation, Floor Coverings, Flooring Systems, Hand-Held Lamps, Handicapped Accessible Equipment, Heating Systems, Information & Advertising Systems, Installation Equipment, Interior Design Systems, Interior Furnishings, Interior Lining, Lamps, Luggage Racks, Roller Blind Systems, Sanitary Cubicles, Sanitary Equipment, Seats & Seating Systems, Stay Bars, Surveillance Systems, Textiles, Toilet Systems, Upholstery Systems

Electrical Systems

Automation Technology, Batteries, Battery Chargers, Battery Holders, Battery Isolators, Cable Protection, Cables & Lines, Cassettes, Charging Rectifiers, Circuit Boards, Compressed Air Supply, Connectors, Control Components, Control Cubicles, Control Systems, Converters, Current Collectors, Current Transformers, DC / DC Converters, Diagnosing Equipment, Driver Panels, Earthing Contacts, Electromechanical Components, Energy Meter, Energy Storage, Energy Supply Systems, Field Bus Components, Filling Level Measuring Technology, Fuses & Accessories, Handheld Lamps, Interconnection Systems, Inverters, Master Controller, Metal Contacts, Operating & Control Panels, Overvoltage Safety Systems, Pantographs, Power Generating Sets, Power Switches & Switchgear, Pressure Measuring Equipment, Registration & Display Systems, Relays, Resistances, Series Terminals, Special-Purpose Electric Machines, Switch Cabinets & Accessories, Switches, Switching Gear, Tilting Systems, Traction Current Converters & Control Systems, Vehicle Control System, Ventilation / Evacuation Systems

Railway Track Machinery, Equipment & Tools

Ballast Cleaning Machines, Ballast Regulating Machines, Ballast Tamping Machines, Equipment, Excavators, Grinding Machines, Grinding Tools, Heavy Machinery & Tower Cranes, Light Machines, Measuring Equipment & Systems, Overhead Line Vehicles, Rail Milling Machines, Rail-Carrying Train, Road-Rail Vehicles, Safety Tools, Switch Inspection Systems, Track Cars, Track Laying & Track Construction Machines, Track Maintenance Vehicles, Track Recording Cars, Track Warning Systems For Machinery, Wagons For Turnout Transport

Technical Equipment / Building Materials

Axle Counters, Ballast, Bridge Girders, Buffer Stops, Cable Channels, Car Retarder, Catenaries, Concrete Track & Points Sleepers, Construction Site Lighting, Electric Points, Electric Power Supply, End-Of-Track Buffers, Friction Buffer Stops, Geotextiles, Handrails, Hot Box Detection System, Insulating Joints, Insulation For Railway Catenary, Isolated Fastenings, Long Rails, Lubricants, Marshing Equipment, Mass-Spring-Systems, Measuring Equipment, Noise Deadening, Panel Track Laying, Plotting Paper, Points, Power Line Masts, Protection Against Vibrations, Protection Systems, Rail Fastening Equipment, Rail Guards / Cow-Catchers, Rail Link Units, Rail Lubrication Systems, Railroad Ties, Rails, Re-Ballasting Of Tracks, Safety Engineering, Siding Track Facilities, Special Products For Transport Route Construction, Steel Grating, Surface Stabilisation Systems, Third Rail, Tongue Rolls For Switches, Track Bed Systems, Track Circuits, Track Switchgear, Track Systems, Train Preheating Equipment, Vibration Isolation, Wearing- & Sliding Plastics, Insulation Plastics, Wheel Flat Detector

Special purpose fixtures/furnishings/equipment

Furniture: Rail/road/water/air transport Facilities, Furniture: Communication Facilities, Furniture: Power/water supply Facilities, Furniture: Administration/office/commercial Facilities, Furniture: Shops/showrooms/stores/shopping centres/warehouse Facilities, Furniture: Hospital/medical/welfare/animal welfare Facilities, Furniture: Restaurants/snack bars/public houses Facilities, Furniture: Sports/swimming pools/marinas/stadia Facilities, Furniture: Religious/Funereal Facilities, Furniture: Education/Scientific/research Facilities, Furniture: Assembly/Meeting Facilities, Furniture: Libraries/records offices/museums/galleries/zoo Facilities, Furniture: Housing, Permanent safety equipment

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